BEWARE of Companies selling Used or “reconditioned” lifts…

By Carolyn M. Scofield |

Reconditioned/Used Stairway Chair Lifts


What are you buying when it comes to used or as some companies say “reconditioned” lifts??

Questions to ask about “reconditioned/used lifts”:

1. How old is the unit?

Are there new parts still available?
Note: There are many lifts our there today that are not even being made any longer. This will create an issue when you need parts and service. Parts – There has been many changes in the industry today. There are manufacturers out there today that have either completely dissolved or just closed their doors and the availability of parts are minimal. Those dealers that are selling older units, only have a small supply of parts and most of the parts for the older units are used. Service: Inquire on the knowledge and experience of the service tech. Ask questions like “how long has the tech been installing and servicing Stairway chairlifts?” Don’t get stuck paying for service from a tech that is not even familiar with your equipment!!

2. The Term Recondition versus Used:
There are companies that refer to their used equipment as reconditioned. Is that true? Make sure you inquire what makes them considered reconditioned? Do really reconditioned them or are the units just removed and stored until they sell them to a consumer? From my experience, they are used. Companies today literally remove them and then store them. Don’t be fool.

Rule of Thumb:

  • Only buy from someone you trust.
  • Do a great deal of research before you consider buying a used lift.
  • As questions to those who refer to them as “reconditioned lifts”.
  • Very if the lift is even being made.
  • Are new parts available?
  • Is the installer/service guy have at least 3 years of experience?

Take it from someone who knows…….for additional questions drop me a line: at