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By Carolyn M. Scofield |

Thank you for visiting my site.  Please know that my site is a work in progress. Feedback is welcome.

I’m sure you’re wondering who I am and why I am promoting stair chair lifts, also known a stairway lifts; stairway chairlifts, etc.

Well, when someone ask me why I’ve been in the business for so long, I ask them this questions, “have you ever stood behind someone with an ailment, one that affects either the balance and/or physical abilities, while they holding on to the railing, climbing up a long steep set of stairs or perhaps, see someone who just had hip surgery, trying to make it up their front stairs into their home?

The true reason is this, I was faced with these two different scenarios mentioned above, at a very young.  My Great Grandparents, June and Charles Scofield welcomed me in to their home and raised me like their own, from 2 weeks old until the summer before I started 4th grade.  Pop was retired, but my GrtGnd Ma worked long hours as a Home Health Aide in the Capital Region.  Aside the time they’d send me to Sunday school, I pretty much spent my first 5 years of my life with my Pop.  I saw I saw first-hand what is was like to struggles to get around when as we age.  Their physical limitations were due to their age and common illness, the kind that a lot of us are or probably already facing; Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hip Replacements, neurological issues that can affect our balance and the list goes on.

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If my folks had been made aware of a stairway chairs and its benefits, they would have had a choice to live where they so desired and especially would have had a better quality of life as they aged.  Like everything in life, we live and learn.

The accessibility industry is very near and dear to my heart, as I provide others with choices that my folks did not have to help them “maintain their independence” in their world regardless of life’s obstacles.

Please feel free to read the article written about me in the Spotlight Newspaper, titled Independence, Dignity Matters.

For over 15 years I’ve educated and assisted others with offering affordable and safe solutions to their accessibility needs by providing solutions with residential stairlifts (indoor and outdoor) for straight and curved stairs.  My experience started in early August 2001, with a company called The Whitaker Group, as an Office Coordinator.  Three years later, through a promotion and company acquisition, ThyssenKrupp Access promoted me to Branch Manager and then a year later, I ended my time with them as their Regional Operations Manager overseeing the Northeast Region for all installation and service activities.

I left ThyssenKrupp Access Corpin March of 2007. I, later on connected with Barrier Free Systems in Scotia, NY and Albany Lifts, formally known as EazyLift of Albany and worked with them as a consultant, helping out with sales, marketing, project management and occasional stairlift installation.

Today, I’m a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS). I education and provide solutions to others with not only stairlifts, but accessible wheelchair lifts, both inclined and vertical and residential home elevators.  When I’m not doing that I’m provide third-party elevator acceptance and routine inspections for the local union commercial elevator companies, like Schindler,Otis,Bay State Elevator, etc.

Even though my role has it’s up and down’s, I still enjoy what I do!

 Thank you again for visiting my page.